What is GrETEL?

GrETEL stands for Greedy Extraction of Trees for Empirical Linguistics. It is a user-friendly search engine for the exploitation of syntactically annotated coropra or treebanks. If you are new to GrETEL we recommend you to take a look at the documentation.

GrETEL has two search modes:

Example-based search enables you to use a natural language example as a starting point for searching a treebank. The query procedure consists of several steps, which allows you to define how similar the search results and the input example should be. In this way you can query a treebank without knowledge of the XPath query language, the tree representations, nor the exact grammar implementation used for the annotation of the trees.

XPath search enables you to query a treebank by means of an XPath query. This search mode is intended for experienced XPath users, as you need to build the XPath query yourself.

Please cite the following paper if you have used GrETEL for your research:

Download Example-Based Treebank Querying

Liesbeth Augustinus, Vincent Vandeghinste, and Frank Van Eynde (2012). "Example-Based Treebank Querying". In: Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC-2012). Istanbul, Turkey. pp. 3161-3167.